Scientific Activities

The theme of the 35th Conference of PME is: "Developing Mathematical Thinking"

The Scientific Program includes the following activities:

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Addresses
Plenary Panel

Personal presentations

Research Reports (RR)
Short Oral Communications (SO)
Poster Presentations (PP)

Group presentations

Research Forums (RF)
Discussion Groups (DG)
Working Sessions (WS)

This year the IGPME continues the:

National Presentation (NP)

English is the official language for the conference, thus, all papers and proceedings must be written and presented in English. Of course, however, we invite all participants to contribute to the discussions following a Research Report or Short Oral Discussion in their native language if they are able to have their comments translated by someone present in the session.

Open Slots for Ad Hoc Meetings

At PME 35 a new form of conference activity will be offered. On Tuesday and Thursday PME provides time slots and rooms for meetings of ‘ad hoc' groups. The idea is that researchers can meet and discuss research topics which spontaneously came up during discussions of previous presentations at the conference. The ad hoc meetings are reserved only for discussions: presentations or a continuation of a research report or short oral communication are not allowed.

To organize an ad hoc meeting, at least two persons should prepare an announcement with a short and precise description of the topic, the names of organizers and the preferred time slot, and deliver it to the PME Administrative Manager. The AM will then assign times and rooms. Since there are only a few time slot and rooms, proposals will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.