A sufficient variety of accommodation is available in Ankara, ranging from luxurious 5 star to more budget-friendly 3 star hotels. All hotels indicated below are located at the most attractive area of Ankara which calls Kavaklıdere within the city center. These hotels were selected within the area suitability for food, beverage, entertainment, sightseeing, shopping facilities, etc. Limited number of hotels was selected for reasons as; route of the shuttle transfers, getting the advantages of being near to your colleagues, special and reasonable rates, etc.

Free wireless internet available in Hotel Houston, Midas Hotel, Aldino Hotel Ankara, Elite Palas Boutique Hotel and in the lobby of Hilton Hotel.

We did not select the hotels nearby the University because of difficulty getting public transportation if needed, entertainment facilities, food and beverage facilities, and so forth (Click here for the hotels region map)

For reservations through the Administrative Conference Secretariat click here

Please click here to download the Guideline for PME 35 Online Booking System

Attendants may arrange their accommodation on their own, at any hotel of their preference in the city of Ankara.  We booked limited number of rooms at the hotels mentioned below with special rates.

Why you should book via the Administrative Secretariat?

- to benefit from the special rates which included all taxes
- to get the availability to change and manage you travel services as hotel, transfer, pre-post tours
- to get the availability to cancel your bookings without penalty
- to be charged with Euro currency (not with local currency) which protect you from the exchange commissions
- to get the flexibility in your invoice/payment document for your accommodation, transfers, pre-post tours.
- to get all your requirements in one (included registration, accommodation, transfer, excursions, pre-post tours, confirmations, payment, invoices etc).

Those who wish to reserve a room through the Administrative Secretariat, has to login the booking system and make their reservations for accommodation, pre-post tours, transfer, etc.

Online booking system is available for the updates, changes, cancellation within the declared options. Participants have to use their e-mail address, personal information and set a password which required for the login. In order to make any update, change, cancellation, you have to login with your e-mail/password.

Online booking system is a certified secure system and available for online payment (credit card, bank transfer, mail order), getting booking confirmation, vouchers, payment invoices and contact with the administrative office.

We are sorry to inform you that all participants who login the booking system has to verify their registration at the Conftool. That required because those rates are special for the PME participants.


In order to reserve a room, please login to the online booking system


  • Bookings without payment will be considered as a pre-booking
  • Payment for the pre-booking is not obligatory
  • Pre-confirmations will be displayed on your account. 
  • Payment deadline will be e-mailed to the participants when it is required.


  • Pre-booking will be completed with making the related payment.
  • All payments related to your hotel, tour, and transfer bookings have to be done via the booking system of ARBER (the administrative Secretariat).
  • Payment via credit card, wire transfer are available.


  • Download your voucher and invoice is available upon the payment confirmation.
  • Login your booking account in order to update or cancel your bookings by 24 June 2011. 

Cancellation Policy

  • No any charge for the cancellations done within the declared deadlines. 
  • There is no specified deadline for all the hotels that we booked for PME 35.
  • Deadlines will be e-mailed to the participants, when the blocked rooms accomplished. 
  • Uncompleted pre-bookings within the informed deadlines will be released.
  • Refund is available for the participants who cancel their confirmed bookings within the informed deadline, without penalty. 
  • Refund is available for the participants, without penalty, who cancel their confirmed bookings after the informed deadline, if the same room has been re-booked by another participant.
  • Refund is available for the participants who cancel their confirmed bookings after the informed deadline, except the related hotel no-show amount. 
  • Refund costs belong to the participants. 


Hilton Deluxe and Executive Rooms and HHonors

Please indicate your HHonors ID number in to Reservation Notes area in Online Booking System and also please feel free to contact us for Deluxe and Executive Rooms requests. 


All the Daily RATES included buffet breakfast, service charge and all local taxes.
First come first serve and benefit from the Early* Limited Rooms within those special rates.
* Please login online booking system to the availabilities within the early rates 


Stars Hotel Single Double


Hilton Ankara



Hotel Houston



Midas Hotel



Aldino Hotel Ankara


S Class

Elite Palas Boutique Hotel


S Class  Argentum Hotel



There are also limited number of rooms available in a private dormitory located on the METU campus for participants. Priority will be given to the students. For more information, please address to the Administrative Secretariat.



ODTÜ Geliştirme Vakfı Öğrenci Konukevi


Rate included breakfast and all local taxes.
You could find a lot of facilities at the dormitory such as laundry, ironing, etc. Please note that there is no air conditioner in the rooms. Rooms are usually cool even in the summer time.
Please contact with Dormitory for more informaton
Phone:+90 312 210 14 00
Mobil phone: +90 536 4360718

Important Note:
The earliest check in date of University Accommodation is July 8, 2011 and latest check out date is July 17, 2011


   PME 35 Hotels Region- ARBER  REGIONS MAP